This blog provides three main integrations with Fiddler’s Desktop application, and one with Fiddler’s Core API.

Desktop Integrations

BuiltWith Fiddler

BuiltWithFiddler adds BuildWith functionality to the HTTP Debugging Proxy Fiddler. It helps to determine the underlying technologies used in HTTP responses.

Blog detailing BuiltWith Fiddler here

Source Code available here


Improved HTML inspection for Fiddler.

Blog detailing FiddlerHtmlInspector here

Source Code available here

DNS AutoTamper

Adds an automatic “IsItDownForEveryone” helper when Fiddler is running and detects a DNS or other connection failure to detect whether the website is available to other people.

Blog detailing DNS AutoTamper

Core Integration


Allows applications running in Windows Azure to log directly to Azure Storage, preventing the need from running the Fiddler UI in the cloud and thus negating the need to remote desktop onto instances.

Blog detailing AzureFiddlerCore