Recently our friends at Blush Packages raised the bar with a great implementation of TeamCity build for an Azure project they’re consulting on. We will be running an intermediate day course on Azure for the Enterprise which will comprise of how to make an enterprise ready application. The course will be delivered at the behest of Microsoft who are sponsors. It will probably take place within the next four weeks and we will have the following agenda:

  • Introduction to TFS Preview: Using TFS Preview to build an agile project in Azure
  • Development of a sample application using web/worker roles
  • Adding security using SQL Azure and Membership
  • Integration of Diagnostics capture for trace, exceptions and logs
  • Resilience and autoscaling with Enterprise Application Blocks
  • Automating common deployment tasks with Cerebrata Powershell CmdLets
  • Using mstest, msbuild and TFS to make a CI server

Remember this is not an advanced course; it’s simply addressing the problem of how to build and deploy a windows azure application and use enterprise methodologies and deployment and build processes to deliver cloud ready projects in the same way as you would traditional server projects.

Feel free to leave a comment here if you’re interested in attending. For updates on this follow @ukwaug or @azurecoder